Gendo Ikari Analysis:Evil Embodied or Victim of Cruel Fate?

Although many people consider Gendo to be an evil person,I am not among them.As Sudostef said in one of his videos,

Misconception as a whole is a byproduct of one’s inability to understand.To have misguided thoughts on a subject without understanding one’s reasoning.Evangelion’s characters are often treated to such judgement by many of the viewers who fail to see the significance of their characters.Gendo is often victim of such judgement.Gendo is not a person who is embodied with evil intentions,he falls more in the line of a tragic villain.He was so blinded by his
Motivation and desire that he failed to see the faults in his doing.

Gendo’s character can be broken down to 4 parts.
1/His Relationship with Yui and His Reasons to Trigger Third Impact
2/His Relationship with Shinji
3/His Relationship with Akagi
4/His Final Resolution

Gendo may be a tragic villain but he’s not a good person by any mean.Even before he took control of Nerv,we see him as a pretty rude person.Gendo originally had the same intention as Seele.At first Gendo approached Yui because of her talent and her connection with Seele but Gendo genuinely fell in love with Yui and when Yui dies,the circumstance leaves him with great despairity and ultimately causing him to abandon Shinji.It’s not hard to tell that Gendo did not have meaningful relationship with anyone before because no one understands him.Yui was the first person to understand him and losing her took a great toll on him.Both Seele and Gendo intended to initiate the third impact but Gendo and Seele had one simple little difference and that difference was Yui Ikari.Gendo was so blindly driven by his desire to be reunited with Yui Ikari that he was prepared to go any length and mean to achieve that.He used and sacrificed countless people in his way including his own son Shinji and Ritsuko Akagi possibly the only person with whom he had any slight bit of affection other than Yui.

Gendo would do anything and everything in his power to achieve his goal.Gendo’s such tendencies often caused suffering for Shinji.Gendo used Shinji into getting what he wanted but he didn’t actually sacrifice Shinji.Yui’s soul was entrapped within Unit 01.Gendo knew the power that Unit 01 could yield,he knew that Unit 01 will protect Shinji no matter what.Although Gendo appeared to have inability to understand or sympathize with Shinji,he actually understands Shinji more than Shinji understands himself.Asuka and Shinji are basically the same character.They aren’t complete individually but one completes the other.Gendo was aware of that to some extent.Although it’s not clear in the anime but the manga hints the fact that it was originally Gendo who issued the order for Asuka to stay in Misato’s apartment.He never completely manipulated Asuka or Shinji but having Asuka there helped him to keep some strings on Shinji to keep him within the boundaries of his interest.Many people think that Gendo intentionally set up Asuka to be violated by Arael.It’s plausible but I don’t think he originally intended to have damages of such extent on Asuka.Shinji never knew his mother’s face due to Gendo getting rid of all photographic evidence of Yui’s existence.The reason for it was because Rei is partially a clone of Yui.If Shinji or anyone ever saw Yui’s face,they’ll figure out this secret.Shinji didn’t know this and thought that Gendo got rid of all of those because he didn’t care for Yui.Adding another negetive aspect in Shinji’s mind about Gendo.We talked a bit before about Gendo’s ability to understand Shinji more than Shinji understands himself.Gendo suffers from the same issues Shinji did.One of the most prominent theme of Evangelion is The Hedgehog’s Dilemma.It’s a psychological issue that indicates despite one’s goodwill, human intimacy cannot occur without substantial mutual harm, and what results is cautious behavior and weak relationships.Gendo was never the type of person who can express himself to other people.After Yui’s death Gendo started to fear intimacy because of his strong love for Yui.Gendo abandoned Shinji not because he didn’t care for him because he was afraid that he’ll only hurt him more.He left Shinji with a teacher.Although he sees the fault in his doing towards his dying seconds but it was already too late.So,he does the only thing that he possibly can at that moment,try and apologize to Shinji.It should be noted that in the third impact,none of Shinji’s psychological interaction addressed the issues that Shinji had with Gendo.I don’t think Shinji forgave him but he was starting to understand everyone more than he did before.

Gendo’s plan needed a considerable amount of support but being pretty much an insensible jerk he couldn’t get that.So,he took shelter under the shadows of manipulation.From manipulating Fuyutsuki’s admiration and affection of Yui to Shinji’s desire to understand Asuka but none suffered as terrible fate as the Akagis.Naoko Akagi was a brilliant scientist and was in love with Gendo.After Yui died,Naoko wanted to comfort Gendo even if it was by sexual measures.Gendo was aware of Naoko’s feelings and he gave into her desire to keep her happy.Having Naoko in control meant great advantage in achieving his goals.Naoko was in the delusion of thinking that Gendo was starting to return her feelings but when Gendo brings the first of Rei clones in the laboratory,she knows that she can never replace Yui.She ended up killing Rei in the heat of the moment and when she realizes what she has done,she commits suicide knowing full well that Gendo will never forgive him.Little did she know that Gendo had set her up.Naoko’s daughter Ritsuko had a very strange relationship with her mother.Ritsuko respected her mother’s brilliance in the field of science and aspired to be like her but at the same time she hated Naoko’s womanly side.Naoko was always too absorbed in her work to have any bonding with Ritsuko.Despite hating her mother Ritsuko couldn’t help but be like her.She wanted to have everything her mother had and be better at those.Ritsuko falls in the same trap as her mother did.She engaged in a sexual relationship with Gendo which harmed her more than she could take but unlike Naoko’s case,Gendo started to feel something for Ritsuko.Ritsuko felt betrayed when she realized that Gendo will never return her feelings.So,she decided to destroy the Rei Clone Dummy Plug System to ruin Gendo’s plan.In the last desperate act,she tried to destroy Nerv and would’ve been successful in doing so if not for her mother.Ritsuko’s plan heavily depended on her mother and she was sure that her mother will support her because she thought that her mother would also feel contempt for Gendo for using her but the womanly side of Naoko chose Gendo over Ritsuko.This is where comes one of the most talked about scenes in anime history.Gendo’s silent word to Ritsuko.When Ritsuko goes to the central dogma Gendo says something to her that we as audience don’t hear.We only see Gendo’s lips move.The answer of this silent word is given throughout the entire End of Evangelion.If I try to explain that then we will need all night and I don’t even think I can explain it as perfectly as a lot of other people.So,I’ll link a page where it’s brilliantly explained.

The answer to Gendo’s Silent Word:…

In short,Gendo’s silent words were “I needed you”. Ritsuko wanted to know why was he doing what he did to her.Gendo could’ve killed her without giving an answer like he setup Naoko’s death but he answered Ritsuko and told her the truth.He atleast wanted to give Ritsuko some means of comfort.At first Ritsuko was stunned by this but she realized that it was both the truth and the lie.She was sacrificed in favor of Rei but at the same time she was significant enough in Gendo’s mind to atleast being offered some closure.

At the very end Gendo saw his mistakes after Rei betrayed her and handed Shinji the power to control Human instrumentality.When Gendo meets Yui in the end,he tells her that he hopes that everything will be alright.He’s already dying so,he isn’t talking about himself.He’s more concerned in his dying moment about Shinji’s well being.

Gendo was never truly evil.He originally started out with a noble cause but he lost his way along the path.He is a true romantic at heart and it’s his blind love for Yui that caused him to take shelter under such evil deeds.Gendo is not a good guy or a bad guy.He’s just another Human Being.Selfish,Afraid and Confused.Just like every other character of Evangelion.


Koe No Katachi:Anime vs Manga

Since the anime Koe no katachi was released there was a lot of comments in reddit and discord about how the manga was more emotional or better than the anime.So,I decided to check it out to see if the manga is truly as superior comparing to the anime as everyone says it is and after reading it last night I can certainly say that the anime is the better version of the story.


Don’t get me wrong.The manga was fantastic but the anime was a brilliant adaption of it’s source material.To be able to compress 63 chapters worth of material into a 120 minute film is not an easy feat and to do it with such coherence and precision is in itself is the movie’s biggest achievement.But yes,the manga has extra scenes,more character interaction,more character motivation and some different scenarios.It’s a 63 chapter manga against a 120 minute film.Of course there’s gonna be space to do a few extra scenes.


It’s not possible to point out all the minor differences.So,I’ll only talk about the major differences.The first major difference comes from when Ishida’s mom pays Nishimiya’s mom for the trouble he costs.When Ishida’s mom comes to pick Ishida up,we see that her ear is cut possibly from an earring being pulled out simillar to Nishimiya which was caused by Ishida.The manga doesn’t have this scene.The importance of this scene is the behaviour of Nishimiya’s mom.You can see that she’s frustrated with herself for taking care of Nishimiya.She can’t fix anything.The reason why she doesn’t abuse her children because her mother helps looking after her children and Nishimiya was the very reason that her husband divorced her.She wants to prove them wrong by raising her in the right way but she’s reaching her breaking point as well.So,she decides to resort to violence.This was a small little scene containing so much emotion.


Probably the major difference between the manga and anime is Ueno.She’s a very different character in the manga but she’s not as good as she should’ve been.After the fight scene outside the hospital.Her motivation becomes blurred and she takes the most cliched route possible.In the manga she doesn’t hide from Ishida and pretty much taunts him to come to her cafe when he sees her for the first time after junior high.To me that was a bad choice in the manga’s part considering in the last half you’ll have her feeling guilty for causing Ishida so much trouble in his junior high years.Also,in the manga when she asks if Ishida hates her or not.Ishida pretty much says it to her face that he hates her.It’s a betrayal to the formula of the story.If you have read the manga or seen the anime than you should know that the manga has “X” on everyone’s face that Ishida is afraid of looking in the eye,saying the truth without fear and afraid of listening to them.Despite Ueno having a “X” mark,Ishida was able to tell the truth and hear her truthfully.The anime handles the scene much more delicately as he’s afraid of confrontation and he hesitates in his conversation with Ueno.


The manga tries to find a convenient way to get all of them together and that way was making a movie.In the manga Nagatsuka decides to make a movie and everyone in the cast are given a role in the movie thus everyone staying on the same page.I can understand why the script writer decides to leave this piece out.The movie tried to be a tad bit more dark and serious considering the last half of the story handles a lot of heavy subjects.The anime also decides to cut out all the slapstick comedies and I personally think that’s a very good choice.The move was cut out to give the characters much more natural reason to meet instead of a superficial one.In the anime we see Kawai tries to patch up with Ueno and Ishida but in the manga it is much more of a necessaity for making the movie project.So,largely the emotion behind their meeting is overshadowed in the manga.


Next comes the one scene that every manga fan screamed about,The fight outside the hospital scene.I can understand where both the scenes were coming from and why they are different.The manga has much more raw emotion on Ueno and Yuzuru’s part which was really good.That scene also involved Sahara and Nagatsuka.I can understand why the anime decides to alter the scene.It would feel very hollow to have Sahara there without any sort of backstory and with only 120 minute in their hands the anime decides to take an Evangelion esque route where the story progresses through the exploration of the main character.I’ll talk about it more in the last part of this writing.The reason why the anime doesn’t have Yuzuru behaving the way she does in the manga is because her character from the beginning was set out to be an emotional pillar and almost a guardian for Nishimiya.Making her more mature than her age.The manga shows her vulnerability which is admirable.I’d say the movie’s one might not be as powerful as the manga’s one but it was still very effective due to a far better execution of the scene where Ishida falls from Nishimiya’s balcony.But the scene that impressed me the most was not the hospital scene but the scene afterwards where Yuzuru starts taking off the pictures from the wall.The manga had a better execution of this scene and I would’ve loved if the anime did it the same way as the manga did it.


The manga also has another confrontation in the hospital that was pretty good and it would’ve been a nice addition to the anime.In that scene when Ueno doesn’t let Nishimiya enter Ishida’s hospital room,Kawai tells it to Ishida’s mother hoping that she will let Nishimiya enter but she doesn’t.Her emotional strains were very clear at this point and if not completely than atleast she partially blames Nishimiya for Ishida’s misfortune.She asks Sahara to tell Nishimiya that she’ll talk to her after Ishida wakes up.But when Ishida wakes up both the families meet and have dinner without any sort of confrontation.They just have a happy meal.The anime doesn’t have this scene because unlike the manga the anime is much more serious.The manga from the start had light hearted elemets that’s why it was easier to put a scene like that.The anime needed to handle this matter differently and it handled it pretty decently in the end.

Now comes the ending.The manga has 5 extra chapters after the anime’s ending but the truth to be said there was nothing significant enough to put in the anime that’s why the anime decides to leave it out.The manga shows that Shimada saves him and asks Ueno not to tell Ishida about it but Ueno tells him anyway.Even with such an important event the manga really doesn’t do anything significant with it so,it was unnecessary to show that Ishida and Nishimiya going to the reunion unless the anime decided to have a confrontation between Shimada and Ishida but for the lack of time the anime decides to give Ishida’s character resolution so,that he has the ability to move forward and face everyone without hiding in his insecurities.The difference between the ending of the anime and manga was pretty much like the ending of Evangelion and End of Evangelion.Evangelion was about Shinji’s resolution where EoE was about the coherent conclusion of each character arc and with the shortage of time the writers decided to end the movie with Ishida’s character resolution.I personally found it to be a better choice and a fitting finale for the anime because the anime was about the exploration of Ishida’s guilt and his confrontation of his mistakes so,it would make sense to end the anime when he reaches that resolution.


Anime Review-Phantom:Requiem For The Phantom

Gangster is a genre that we commonly see in every medium shine brighter than most of the genre.Books,movies and even games have produced great result with this genre but when it comes to anime few have only ventured on this road with fewer succeeding but Phantom is one of the few anime titles that wasn’t a waste on tackling this genre.Today I’ll be reviewing arguably the greatest Gangster anime of all time in my opinion, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom(Though Gungrave does run a close second)
It’s hard to explain the plot without giving away any spoilers.So,I’ll try my best not to spoil anything.Oneday,a japanese tourist accidentally witnesses a murder of an infamous gangster hitman Phantom and after that he was taken to their base and instead of killing him they brain wash him trying to make an assassin out of him.What follows next is a 26 episode classic mafia thrill ride.I am a huge fan of Gangster movies and after watching a lot of title over the years,one thing I’ve learned is that the most important aspect of the gangster genre is the characters.Phantom nails it’s characters to perfection.The main character is Reiji(Zwei) who is a typical innocent guy who is caught in the mass but even after having a very cliched approach to it’s character,I though they did a fantastic job in maintaining his motivation throughout the story.The other Main character is Eren(Ein) who was also a very well used character despite not having too much to work with the writers managed to make her interesting as well.Not only the main cast,The side casts are brilliant as well and they add a lot of depth,drama and layer to this story.Especially Scythe Master,who is a great villain.The story of this anime isn’t necessarily anything we haven’t seen before,it’s the execution of the already existing plot that makes it work so well.This anime had quite a bit of influence from Martin Scorsese’s movies.There was quite a few hollywood movie references throughout the series including Taxi Drivers Great Monologue ‘You Talkin’ to Me’,Casino’s amazing opening of De Niro but my favorite one was the reference form Dirty Harry when Cal says ‘You Feel Lucky Punk?Well,Do Ya?’ The Musical score for this anime was quite brilliant to say the least.I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Musical Score with quite a few standout tittles like Requiem,To Kill or Not Kill,Reservoir City.The animation is pretty good.I’d recommend you to watch the Dub.Not because the sub is bad but because the theme fit the English language more than the japanese.Similar to Cowboy Bebop,Black Lagoon and Wolf’s Rain.There are some minor flaws throughout the series but I can’t discuss them without spoiling it so, I won’t get into that.The Ending was truly fantastic.It was a fitting ending to the perfect tale.That ending is seriously on my top 10 anime ending.
My Rating-9.2/10
Similar Anime:
*Monster(Doesn’t have too much similarity on the genre,plot or characters but both have a very realistic approach to their respective stories and characters)
*Gungrave(Another Gangster anime.Though it has far more action than Phantom both the series manage to pull of a very perfectly well executed Gangster setting)11202837_1419541511419467_7289656270221345356_o

Kuzu No Honkai:The Thin Blurred Line Between Love and Lust

Have you ever thought how great it would’ve been to have a romantic drama with the cast of Evangelion+Eva Heinemann+Light Yagami?No?So,it’s just me,huh?Well your getting one anyway.It’s basically Texhnolyze set in high school.
Love is a flawed concept and as a human being who are a flawed creation,it always leads us to make mistakes.Mistakes that we can never take back,which becomes a part of us and haunts us at every turn.Kuzu No Honkai is an anime that tries to subject these mistakes.It’s not perfect but it’s pretty bold in it’s execution.This anime has a big cast an

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d for the most part they do their job pretty damn well.The females in this anime are far better than the males.Specially the character of Akane Minagawa was very well set up and the execution was perfect up until the final act.That’s also my biggest gripe with the show.Even after having such a good start the show falters on the last act.It becomes a bit too much blissfully optimistic.I don’t have problem with the idea that they went for in the last act,it’s the execution I have all the problems with.Even then it was pretty decent.It’s a gorgeous looking show with top notch animation and a fantastic musical score.The score fits the theme and the ending track is probably my favorite ending track of all time.Although the show deals with a lot of psychological issues,it’s not as subtle and in-depth as I would’ve wanted it to be.It kind of left me disappointed in that department.A lot of people are saying that it’s actual life. Not make believe love stories.No,it’s not.It’s as unrealistic as a generic harem.Nothing is actual life.That’s why they are work of fiction.But the characters did have really good characterization and they use sex as psychological moral metaphor.Yes,they use it more than they should but it’s still pretty damn good.I don’t usually talk about voice acting but the woman Chika Anzai who voiced Hanabi did a fantastic job.This anime is certainly not for everyone.To a lot of people it’s going to come across pretentious or a generic harem with good visuals and music but the anime still is an interesting view of that same generic concept and the first 6 episodes are more than worth your time