Anime Review-Phantom:Requiem For The Phantom

Gangster is a genre that we commonly see in every medium shine brighter than most of the genre.Books,movies and even games have produced great result with this genre but when it comes to anime few have only ventured on this road with fewer succeeding but Phantom is one of the few anime titles that wasn’t a waste on tackling this genre.Today I’ll be reviewing arguably the greatest Gangster anime of all time in my opinion, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom(Though Gungrave does run a close second)
It’s hard to explain the plot without giving away any spoilers.So,I’ll try my best not to spoil anything.Oneday,a japanese tourist accidentally witnesses a murder of an infamous gangster hitman Phantom and after that he was taken to their base and instead of killing him they brain wash him trying to make an assassin out of him.What follows next is a 26 episode classic mafia thrill ride.I am a huge fan of Gangster movies and after watching a lot of title over the years,one thing I’ve learned is that the most important aspect of the gangster genre is the characters.Phantom nails it’s characters to perfection.The main character is Reiji(Zwei) who is a typical innocent guy who is caught in the mass but even after having a very cliched approach to it’s character,I though they did a fantastic job in maintaining his motivation throughout the story.The other Main character is Eren(Ein) who was also a very well used character despite not having too much to work with the writers managed to make her interesting as well.Not only the main cast,The side casts are brilliant as well and they add a lot of depth,drama and layer to this story.Especially Scythe Master,who is a great villain.The story of this anime isn’t necessarily anything we haven’t seen before,it’s the execution of the already existing plot that makes it work so well.This anime had quite a bit of influence from Martin Scorsese’s movies.There was quite a few hollywood movie references throughout the series including Taxi Drivers Great Monologue ‘You Talkin’ to Me’,Casino’s amazing opening of De Niro but my favorite one was the reference form Dirty Harry when Cal says ‘You Feel Lucky Punk?Well,Do Ya?’ The Musical score for this anime was quite brilliant to say the least.I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Musical Score with quite a few standout tittles like Requiem,To Kill or Not Kill,Reservoir City.The animation is pretty good.I’d recommend you to watch the Dub.Not because the sub is bad but because the theme fit the English language more than the japanese.Similar to Cowboy Bebop,Black Lagoon and Wolf’s Rain.There are some minor flaws throughout the series but I can’t discuss them without spoiling it so, I won’t get into that.The Ending was truly fantastic.It was a fitting ending to the perfect tale.That ending is seriously on my top 10 anime ending.
My Rating-9.2/10
Similar Anime:
*Monster(Doesn’t have too much similarity on the genre,plot or characters but both have a very realistic approach to their respective stories and characters)
*Gungrave(Another Gangster anime.Though it has far more action than Phantom both the series manage to pull of a very perfectly well executed Gangster setting)11202837_1419541511419467_7289656270221345356_o


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